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Explore the captivating stories and experiences of bird enthusiasts on Bird Uganda Safaris. Read testimonials from our satisfied birders and discover the wonders of birdwatching in Uganda

Welcome to Bird Uganda Safaris, where birding enthusiasts embark on unforgettable journeys through the enchanting landscapes of Africa. Our Birding Tours Testimonials offer an authentic glimpse into the magical world of avian wonders as seen through the eyes of our delighted travellers.

What Bird Uganda Safaris Apart

At Bird Uganda Safaris, we pride ourselves on providing unique, eco-friendly birding tours that not only promote conservation but also offer our clients an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty of Uganda. We understand the importance of genuine experiences and have crafted our tours to bring you closer to the avian wonders of this stunning region.

Birding Tours Testimonials

(7 Things A Uganda Safari Taught Me About Birding Back Home) By Hugh Powell

Dream globally; bird locally. That’s what I came away with on my first-ever visit to Africa. For 11 days in western Uganda I was treated to birds, mammals, reptiles, and even a few insects that I had thought I would only ever dream about.

Birding Tours Testimonials

(Birdwatching and gorilla tracking in Uganda in East Africa) By Chuck Hagner

My field guide to the birds of East Africa is 604 pages long and lists an astonishing 1,388 species. That’s about a seventh of all the bird species found on the planet and almost double the number that can be seen in all of North America. And by East Africa.

Birding Tours Testimonials

(Coming Home from Uganda) by Laura Erickson

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Uganda. I finished my packing during the heady days of the World Series and the glorious aftermath of my beloved Chicago Cubs winning it all, and left the morning after my hometown held a parade that drew an estimated five million people, united in a way Americans never are anymore, all wearing Cubby blue.

Birding Tours Testimonials

Entebbe Botanical Gardens by Adrian

I was invited by Laura Kammermeier of Nature Travel Network and the Uganda Tourist Board to a FAM tour of Uganda’s major birding and primate destinations. Since I thoroughly enjoy East Africa it was an easy decision to make!

Birding Tours Testimonials

(The Inaugural African Birding Expo) by Mark Garlynd

The Uganda Tourist Board and a variety of sponsors hosted the first African Birding Expo from November 18 – 20, 2016. I was invited to tour the country and attend the Expo as part of an international delegation, a great honor for me and my colleagues. For 11 days we traveled to National Parks and other natural areas in the western half of the country, finishing up at Entebbe

Birding Tours Testimonials

(Mabmamba Swamp To Kaku Wetlands) Laura Kammermeier

its 3:15 in the morning. I arrived to Africa one day and one night ago at 11 pm…feeling like dog meat after a 27 hour flight schedule. But after a superb day of birding and a few epic bird sightings under my belt, I am chipper as a bird at this early hour. Let me write a few words before the 5:30 am alarm clock ring. I have come to Uganda at the invitation of the UTB

Birding Tours Testimonials

Looking For A Bird With A Clog For A Bill by Allan Davis & Ruth Miller

Back in 2008 we looked for a much wanted bird in Zambia, now we had another chance to look for that same bird, in Uganda. To set the scene here is the account of our 2008 search

Birding Tours Testimonials

Shoebill in the Mabamba Swamps Uganda by Allan & Davis

The Mabamba Swamps west of Entebbe is one of the best and most convenient places to see the elusive Shoebill. After a few minutes in a small canoe the papyrus reeds opens up into…

Why Choose Our Uganda Birding Tours?

  • Expert Guides: Our experienced guides are passionate birders and naturalists. They know the best birding spots, and migration patterns, and can identify the subtlest of calls.
  • Diverse Habitats: Uganda’s unique geography provides a range of habitats, from dense rainforests to the vast savannahs. You can spot birds like the Shoebill Stork, African Grey Parrot, and many more.
  • Customized Itineraries: We offer a variety of birding tour packages, from short getaways to comprehensive excursions. Tailor your adventure to your preferences

Uganda Birding Highlights

Expert Birding Guides

Our knowledgeable guides and fellow birding enthusiasts make the experience unforgettable. They share their expertise, enhancing your birdwatching adventure and creating a sense of community among participants.

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