Number of Days

40 Days


Birding and Wildlife

Best time

May, September, November – March

Birdwatching and Wildlife Safari in East Africa

Be part of the ultimate 40-Day Birding, Big Game, and Apes Exploration Tour!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join us for an unforgettable 40-day journey through the heart of Africa, where you’ll immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature and experience the thrill of up-close encounters with diverse wildlife.

Discover Spectacular Birding Locations

With over 1,000 species of birds, our tour will take you to the most renowned birding hotspots in East Africa. From the lush forests of Uganda to the expansive savannas of Tanzania and Kenya, you’ll have the opportunity to spot rare and endemic species, guided by expert ornithologists who will enrich your birdwatching experience.

An unavoidable experience of the Majesty of Big Game Safaris

Feel the adrenaline rush as you venture into world-famous national parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Amboseli. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Great Migration, and get up close with Africa’s Big Five: lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo. Each day promises new sightings and unforgettable moments.

Chances of Getting Up Close with Majestic Apes

Our tour will take you deep into the forests of Uganda, home to the endangered mountain gorillas and playful chimpanzees. Trek through dense foliage to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. It’s a profound and humbling experience that connects you with nature like never before.

What to see

  • Birds of East Africa
  • Mountain Gorillas
  • Chimpanzees
  • Animal Species restricted to tropical forests


  • All accommodation
  • All meals,
  • All transport by road while on tour
  • One Chimpanzee tracking per person
  • One Mountain Gorilla tracking per person
  • One Ticket Nairobi to Entebbe per person
  • Boat cruises while on the tour .
  • Enough bottled drinking water on the vehicle.
  • ( water in the hotels and lodges) not included

Mid-range Luxury Accommodation and Expert Guides

While the are many high-end lodges, our choice of lodges is our best choice for birding and big game viewing. You will rest and rejuvenate in these luxurious mid-range lodges and tented camps that blend comfort with authentic African charm. Our experienced and licensed guides are passionate about wildlife and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience. They’ll share their knowledge and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • Birdwatching Extravaganza: Spot rare and vibrant bird species in diverse habitats.
  • Big Game Encounters: Safari adventures in premier national parks.
  • Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking: Witness the lives of our closest relatives.
  • Scenic Landscapes: From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya to the serene waters of Lake Baringo.
  • Cultural thrills : Engage with local communities and learn about their traditions and way of life.

Why Choose Our Tour?

  • Comprehensive Itinerary: A meticulously planned itinerary covering the best of East Africa.
  • Personalized Experience: Small group sizes for an intimate and personalized adventure.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Sustainable tourism practices that support conservation efforts and local communities.

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